Capcom says AAA titles coming to the Wii

We’ve all heard it before — “The Wii has no AAA game support outside of first-party titles.” That argument along with the tired “Nintendo is kiddy” statement has been used in many system war discussions. Well watch out as Capcom, one of the best third-party developers for the Wii says owners of the system can expect an increase in AAA titles in the future.

A Capcom Community Specialist had this to say, “Honestly, I think the lack of AAA titles also has a lot to do with a lot of the 3rd parties simply being caught with their pants down. Triple A take a lot of time to develop; Many years in fact.” The rep further elaborates on why exactly we aren’t seeing any of these titles now, 1.5 years into the system’s life cycle, stating: “For them [games] to have been announced/released by now, it would have meant that they were in development/planning before/shortly after the Wii was released. However, nobody, besides Nintendo, expected the Wii sales to be so strong, and anyone who did should be buying lottery tickets.”

So just why exactly should gamers eager to get their hands on quality third-party titles expect a sudden surge of these titles on Ninty’s little white behemoth? The Community Specialist has an answer, “..the industry has seen the rise of the Wii, I’m sure many plans and budgets have been shifted and adjusted, and triple A titles should be in their pipeline (though not ready to be announced). This means soon, you should be flooded with the titles from the franchises you’re familiar with, and ones that aren’t just spinoffs.

Sounds good to me, it’s nice to hear one of the bigger third parties ramping up support for the Wii. Especially one that has had success on the system with their games.