Crunching numbers, NPD sales figures for May 2008

The NPD numbers for the month of May have been released and this month is particularly interesting. It’s no surprise the Wii and many of its games continue their undisputed dominance, but there are at least a couple titles on the list that are quite perplexing. Iron Man for the PS2 for example clinched the number seven spot for highest software sales. And Call of Duty 4 saw its first drop off the top ten since its release last November.

As for the always interesting never ending rivalry between the PS3 and 360 – Sony managed to push 22,000 units more than Microsoft. However, according to analysts, the release of Grand Theft Auto IV did not play into system sales like everyone thought it would. So in conclusion, Nintendo wins again for the billionth time.

Below is the list of console sales and the top 20 software titles for last month.


  1. Nintendo Wii – 675,000
  2. Nintendo DS – 453,000
  3. PlayStation 3 – 209,000
  4. Xbox 360 – 187,000
  5. Sony PSP – 182,000

Top 20 Software Titles

1. Grand Theft Auto IV (Take 2, Xbox 360)
2. Mario Kart (Nintendo, Wii)
3. Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii)
4. Grand Theft Auto IV (Take 2, PS3)
5. Wii Play (Nintendo, Wii)
6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo, Wii)
7. Iron Man (Sega, PS2)
8. Guitar Hero III (Activision, Wii)
9. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Darkness (Nintendo, DS)
10. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time (Nintendo, DS)
11. Call of Duty 4 (Activision, 360)
12. Iron Man (Sega, PSP)
13. We Ski (Namco, Wii)
14. Mario Kart (Nintendo, DS)
15. New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, DS)
16. God of War 2 (Sony, PS2)
17. Game Party (Midway, Wii)
18. Guitar Hero III (Activision, PS2)
19. Haze (Ubisoft, PS3)
20. Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo, Wii)