No Star Ocean: The Last Hope for PS3

One of Square Enix’s most anticipated and well known RPGs not named Final Fantasy will be skipping the PS3 by the looks of things. When Star Ocean: The Last Hope was announced for the Xbox 360 earlier this week, Square Enix left a lingering feeling that the game could maybe come to the PS3 at a later date as well, with producer Yoshinori Yamagishi saying “We may release it, we may not.”

But in a recent chat with Yahoo Japan’s financial site, a representative from Square said that there were “no plans” to release the game on PS3, which comes as somewhat of an open-handed slap to PS3 owning fans of the series. Not just because the original games were on Sony’s systems, but also because the debut trailer for this iteration of the series appeared early in its life cycle on the PSP.

Though looking at this with some clarity, it would seem we simply have another round of the “exclusive/timed exclusive” game on our hands — having “no plans” at the moment doesn’t mean they won’t suddenly develop plans in the future. And since a PS3 version hasn’t been denied, it’s pretty safe to conclude that Microsoft has simply secured another timed exclusive.

But for now at least, 360 owners have Star Ocean: The Last Hope all to themselves. The game is due to drop at some time next year.

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