Sony working on new break away controller

Over the past couple years we’ve seen Sony dishing out hardware changes like never before. So far there have been four different PS3’s and two different controllers. One being the original Sixaxis and later evolving into the DualShock 3. Now it appears the wave of ideas are still flowing strong in Sony’s creative department.

Early reports indicated a new controller with the ability to break into two pieces is currently in development. Some could guess the reason behind this is to achieve a Wii remote/Nunchuk like playability for upcoming games. Other reports say the controller doesn’t necessarily break in half, but rather allows other devices to be joined together with it.

Basically, no one really knows what this new controller scheme is all about. One thing is for sure though — this is all a result of the Nintendo Wii’s unique control style. Whatever comes of this, we’ll stay on top of it.