Will Wii Fit work? Week 3

Above you see a video of Diet.com’s fitness guru Sarah putting Wii Fit through its paces. Or putting a small fraction of the exercises through their paces and then making a decision on it after what seems to be about 20-30 minutes of use. While her conclusion that Wii Fit is not the best work out ever but “every little bit helps” is dead on the money, it’s pretty clear that she didn’t actually work that much with it.

She complains that the breathing isn’t explained but the first yoga pose is in fact deep breathing and although it isn’t repeated in the actual exercise, every time you learn an exercise the breathing is explained to you. Also, her focus on two of the mini-games and none of the strength training exercises is really weird since I would argue that those are the main meat of the game and not the aerobic stuff. Anyway, the yoga and exercises are explained in great detail and while it is of course always better to have a live trainer standing next to you, that isn’t always possible. I will agree though that if you run with Wii Fit you’re a major tool and should just go outside.

Now that that is out of the way (sorry, had get it off my chest) back to the important things in life: me. This was a good week. Since I got my Wii Fitting schedule in order I was able to run almost every day and do yoga along with some strength exercise. Basically, I’ve whittled down the strength exercises to a few key ones and I rotate through them, eliminating the relatively useless ones like the triceps exercise and twists. This way I can actually still have a life and get all my exercise in. And it’s working! Running six days a week is evidently very good for you. Of course the purpose of this experiment is not “Will running work,” the answer to that being, yes, yes it will. But I can tell you I wouldn’t be running if I wasn’t keeping track of my weight and motivated by that fact. In fact I can promise you that, because before Wii Fit I hadn’t been running for five days straight in probably more than a year or so.

So it has me motivated but has it paid off? Well, last week I was saying I needed to break the plateau; consider it broken. I am now at a normal BMI! W00t! And ignore the stupid Wii Fit age. I was tired from my run and did bad on the balance games. I was 24 yesterday, I swear.