First patch for Race Driver: GRID

If you’re not fully satisfied with how Codemaster’s Race Driver: GRID performs or if there’s something with the game that bothers you, you’d do well to check the first patch before throwing the game on some dusty drawer. The patch applies to all the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Some of the problems that has been fixed are:

  • When viewing in spectator mode – wheels should now turn correctly.
  • Xbox 360 Achievement fix.
  • Fix for exploit where a player could upload an incorrect lap time
  • Several optimizations and performance improvements.
  • Fix for airborne achievement – now awarded even if car flips upside down during jump
  • Network chat text made less obtrusive.
  • Other player’s progress/positions are now correctly updated when you enter the race results screen.

The full list can be found here. As you can see, all updates are not problems that needed to be fixed but also things that are added to make the game a tad more enjoyable. It’s interesting to reflect whether the list had been bigger and the problems more severe if a demo had not been released before the actual product hit the shelves. More about this here.

According to some, the cars performance has unofficially been tweaked as well. Many cars now take about ten seconds to reach 100 mph, when it used to take only three seconds. The handling, breaking and acceleration has also been changed, especially for the touring cars.

For PC users, the 1.1 patch is available for download at GamersHell.