How to play Afrika

It seems every week we get more details about the PS3’s upcoming safari styled title Afrika. Already confirmed is the basis of the gameplay — you’re a photographer that is tasked with… taking photos. However if there wasn’t any purpose other than taking a few snapshots at your own leisure, it wouldn’t feel like much of a game. Fear not though, because somebody on the planet was actually able to play it and let loose a few details.

At a recent Sony press event, Taiwanese site GNN got their hands on Afrika and experience it for themselves. The pictures you take are objective based. From your camp, you receive e-mail messages telling you what pictures you have to take. From there you get into your Jeep or whatever type of transportation is needed, and go track down animals to photograph. GNN also says the driving will be left up to your tour guide and not the player. So no running over helpless animals, sorry.

The pictures you take will be controlled by the SIXAXIS motion controls. Everything from your tilt, focus, and overall quality of the picture will be determined by how well can control your shaky hands. Good shots will be rewarded with bigger amounts of money which you can then use to purchase more equipment that will probably make future snap sessions go a little smoother.

Afrika is a nice change of pace considering the number of high intensity games that are coming out. I am a bit worried about the dependency on the SIXAXIS motion controls though. It makes sense if you look at the controller as being a real camera but PS3 games have a tendency to make motion controls feel really tacked on. It certainly did no favors for Lair or Motorstorm.

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