Leaked details on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Weekend news in the videogame industry is usually pretty bland. The big guns tend to take off for the weekend while we’re left with entertaining, but not groundbreaking news. Last weekend was a huge exception to say the least. Tons of leaks spewed from Intellisponse about future projects of both Activision and Microsoft. Intellisponse is a marketing firm that basically helps companies gain feedback from consumers about certain products to make them more efficient if and when they’re released.

One of the unconfirmed leaks is the sequel to the successful 2006 title Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. This game is reported to have over 20 playable characters from the Marvel universe. A few of those characters include Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, the Human Torch, and Venom. Not much is known about changes in gameplay other than the ability to combine two powers from different characters and unleash a powerful hybrid attack.

The story this time around is far more interesting than trying to stop Dr. Doom from taking over the world. They’ve decided to build this game around Marvel’s Civil War storyline which pitted superheroes against each other regardless of whether they were allies in the past. The Superhuman Registration Act required every superhero to register with the government. In doing that, they have to give up their secret identities and basically become employees. Civil War is divided between the heroes that are for the registration lead by Iron Man, and those who are against it led by Captain America.

The leaked information also reveals that this title will be made available for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP and DS. Keep in mind these details are unconfirmed at the moment, though they’re probably true.