Pyroblazer’s blazing trailer

The above video shows in-game footage of an upcoming combat racer called Pyroblazer. The fact that these are actually in-game graphics makes Pyroblazer one for fans of the genre to look forward to, especially since after its PC release it will be making its way to the Wii and PSP as well.

The game takes place on the world Apeiron of the Xarthas (the same one that worm lady was from in Men in Black II?). Apeiron suffered a major cataclysm and players will race through the three areas that are left of the once mighty civilization — the scorched valley of Gnosis, war station of Haedra and the densely populated Underdome of Evelads.

Of course gameplay is fast and races won’t have much time to enjoy the scenery. Players race in anti-gravity crafts called Blazers which demand good reflexes to survive the track and the other Blazers. Each Blazer is different and everyone is fighting for eternal glory, with 10 primary and 10 secondary (mines) weapons and the ability to pick up extra weapons and upgrades during the race. As players progress, better Blazers will be unlocked with better speed, handling and firepower.

Solo players can enjoy Quick Race and Championship modes, but 6-player local and Internet-based competitions are also supported.

Graphics are powered by Eipix’s Ultra Engine and it also uses the PhysX middlewear by Ageia. The atmosphere of the game is a fusion of ancient and fantasy settings, with cyber-punk science fiction mixed in for some flavor, making for a great view.

The game is being developed by Candella Systems (Stubbs the Zombie, Juiced, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift) and Eipix Entertainment. It was supposed to be released for the PC in May but that’s come and gone with no new release date announcement, so it’s a bit of a puzzler. No time frame was ever given for the Wii and PSP versions.

Hopefully we’ll see much more of this one soon. Untill then there’s always Wipeout.