Women’s Volleyball, and about time too

California-based developer Agetec has announced that it’s bringing a women’s Volleyball game to the PlayStation 2. Women’s Volleyball Championship, as it has been most creatively titled, is expected to be released in August 2008.

The game promises to be much more than beaches, bikinis and breasticles. It’s nothing short of fantastic that a women’s sports game is in production, not least one that is serious about the sport rather than the spineless titillation of leching teenagers and young men. As a sport, women’s Volleyball is on the up and up and this game comes at just the right time for the sport to make the jump into videogames.

Women’s Volleyball brings the intense action of professional volleyball to the gaming community,” said Spike (whoever he is). “Professional volleyball produces some of the best athletes in the world and it’s high time someone introduced a great video game that reflects that.”

While it certainly has its heart in the right place and looks to be shaping up into a solid game the question is, “Why is it only coming out of PlayStation 2?!” Granted the PS2 isn’t dead, but there is a sign above its bed that reads ‘Do Not Resuscitate’. In order for this game to have the impact it deserves it really needs to be on the current generation of consoles, the Wii especially. Whether it’s a lack of money, ambition or creativity there is a noticeable defecit of power behind this title. It’s impossible to not feel that this is one great idea that is going to fall sorely short of the mark.