Forza 3 to feature 100 tracks, 400 cars and…2 DVDs?

Ever since Microsoft announced their intentions of using the DVD-9 format for the Xbox 360, it has come under scrutiny by publishers and gamers alike. Many feel that it just doesn’t offer the storage capacity that is needed for “next-gen” games which support hi-res textures and the like. This concern was brought to the forefront with games like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey that required multiple discs upon release.

Now, if the infamous Intellisponse leak is to be believed, the crisis is hitting home with the decision to spread Microsoft’s marquee racing game onto two DVDs. If the rumor turns out to be truthful, Forza 3 will feature over 400 cars racing on over 100 tracks and will arrive on store shelves as a double-disc title. The rumored leak also notes that the game will feature some type of “assist system”…whatever that means.

While this news, if true, will be sure to bum some folks out, you have to remember that this isn’t the first time that a racing game has arrived on two discs. Gran Turismo 2 landed as a double-disc game. One disc for simulation mode and one disc for arcade mode. However, given the fact that the Forza series is almost strictly simulation-based, it’s hard to know how the game will be broken up. I just hope this time around they put a better filter on car graphics, because I’m sick of getting smoked in an online match-up by a guy with Adolf Hitler painted on his hood…