High Voltage trying to give Wii players voice chat with The Conduit

High Voltage Software has been making a lot of positive waves with their upcoming Wii offerings recently. The hype for The Conduit and Gyrostarr, both titles that show a lot of promise based on various reports and impressions, is there. All High Voltage has to do now is live up to it.

Sure that’s no easy task, and rather than resting on their laurels the devs at High Voltage are trying to round their games out by giving gamers exactly what they want in two fell swoops. The first is a competent fast-paced FPS that takes full advantage of the Wii’s motion controls, the bar for which has been set by games like Metroid Prime 3 and Medal of Honor 2: Heroes, and then top that off by offering players the ability to communicate in-game via voice chat.

Okay, okay before you start cheering and championing them for their efforts you should know that this isn’t set in stone, but an idea that they are looking into. Dan Kauffman, the lead game designer of The Conduit had this to say via the game’s official website: “We are exploring the possibility for voice chat. It is too early to make any promises along these lines, but we agree it could make the game even better!” That may seem pretty vague, but hey, it’s nice to know it’s on the developers minds at least.

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