PS3 in-game XMB and trophy support confirmed

You have to love it when rumors come true. For a while now, the videogame world was buzzing with rumors of Sony’s attempt to capitalize on Microsoft with their own brand of bragging rights for dedicated players. This would come in the form of trophies that is certainly an answer to the Xbox 360’s Achievement system.

In another attempt to catch up to features the PS3 lacks in comparison to the 360, PS3 gamers have been most vocal about including an in-game Xross Media Bar (XMB). This new feature could allow for custom soundtracks for certain titles, and messaging friends without exiting a game. Until today, these were mere dreams swirling around in Sony’s subconscious.

The PlayStation Blog announced two new firmware updates for the PS3 to be released in the undisclosed future.  The first, v2.36, will improve “system stability when playing select PlayStation format software titles.” To this day, no one knows what Sony is really talking about whenever this is included in an update description, so while this is nothing to jump up and dance about here, firmware 2.40 will bring the good stuff. It will allow for in-game XMB access as well as trophy support. They have not stated which games will include trophy support, but Sony promises to fill us in on that “shortly.”

One thing’s for sure, if the trophies will cater specifically for the game being played then there better be a “Chimera head on a plaque” trophy in Resistance 2 I can hang on a wall in my HOME apartment.