Fifteen pages of The Conduit info


High Voltage Software has released a very pretty looking overview of their upcoming Wii FPS The Conduit. Aside from being filled with pretty pictures, the release tells about how an alien race has started to take over the planet, starting with attacking the nation’s capitol where the game takes place or at least starts. Anywho, the fact sheets also include information on some of the weapons we’ll be seeing, the enemies and information on the mysterious Mr. Ford who will be the games protagonist. It also hints that everything might not be as it seems as both the mysterious organization The Trust, who has enlisted the help of Mr. Ford because of his research into the aliens, seems just as evil and conniving as the aliens themselves.

So we’ve got aliens invading earth, big guns, government organizations and a possible twist in the story. I’m not sure if the term generic FPS has ever applied more (look at those glasses!). The only hint at some originality is the ASE Device which will allow you to use it’s special abilities to do things like reveal hidden enemies and uncover secrets. Now this may seem like I’m hating on the game but the truth is quite the contrary. How many generic science fiction first-person shooters with an emphasis on graphics and pretty guns are actually on the Wii? None! I’m starving for some mindless alien shooting action, replete with cliche looking aliens and big ass guns, on my little white box. AndThe Conduit looks to deliver that in spades.

Have a look at the fact sheets in the gallery, starting with the cover of course.

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