Dream Arcades announces compatibility with all major systems

I can’t stand the idea of arcades going extinct. It isn’t that I go anymore, but there are a lot of memories there for me and for most gamers in my generation. It is true that the overwhelming success of home consoles is the primary cause of this, which is why I was excited to hear that Dream Arcades now support the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

“There are hundreds of games available for Xbox LIVE Arcade and Wii Virtual Console that play better using authentic arcade joysticks and buttons instead of plastic gamepads,” said Michael Ware, President of Dream Arcades. “Now gamers have the option to play their favorite arcade-style console games without sacrificing the authentic arcade experience.”

Although how many gamers take advantage of that option is questionable — Dream Arcades’s models start at a rather steep $589 and go all the way up to $3400 for the Dreamcade Vision 120 model, which comes with a 10ft projection screen.

Myself, I’ve always wanted my own home arcade, and while I’ll never be able to get that original Primal Rage machine, Dream Arcades has kits that make me hopeful I may one day fulfill that dream. Just imagine playing all those classics the way they were meant to be played.