Fiesta Online comes to Europe

MMORPG publisher gamigo AG has secured the exclusive rights to distribute the massively popular, and free-to-play, Fiesta Online throughout Europe in many languages. With over 2 million players throughout Asia and North America, gamigo AG are hoping that it will prove to be just as popular in Europe.

Fiesta is set in a fully rendered 3D cel-shaded fantasy world in an anime-style, featuring classic RPG characters such as humans and elves that are then split into one of four categories — Fighter, Cleric, Archer, or Mage. It offers full support for guilds and clans and has recently also added PvP areas.

Although no where near as deep as something like Age of Conan or World of Warcraft, this looks like a nice introduction to the world of MMORPGing and might be great for n00bs or younger players. And with a price like free what’s the damage in giving it a whirl?

Just one question. I can’t see any ads, so how do they make money?