Last King of Africa brings on the adventure gaming

The DS (and Wii for that matter) is the perfect home for an adventure gaming renaissance. Never before has it been so incredibly easy to point and click and solve a puzzle. Unfortunately, the renaissance is slow in coming with only a few quality adventure games trickling out for the system. But they do come and now another looks to be heading our way with Benoît Sokal’s Last King of Africa coming out at the end of this year.

The game, which is based on 2006’s PC game Paradise, will take place in the world of an imaginary Africa where the player will take on the role of Ann Smith, the daughter of the last king of Maurania. Smith is returning to Africa to assist her dying father when her plane crashes and she wakes up with amnesia in a prince’s palace. As we know, any story starting with amnesia leads to glorious mystery! We also know from Sokal’s previous games that he can put together some fine puzzle gaming.

Of course, the DS version will have some changes from the PC’s Paradise with a streamlined storyline and dialogue, which was needed for better understanding and interaction between the characters. The use of the stylus and microphone will also come into play as the puzzles have been reworked and redesigned for full DS optimization. Oh, and 3D action sequences have been cut out to make the game a true adventure game……

Ha. Ha. Ha. I can’t keep it up anymore. The DS is smaller than a computer so they crushed it down. Really, I’ve never read so much PR babble to explain the fact that a DS isn’t a powerful as a computer and can’t hold as much information as a CD. I guess they don’t want people to be dissapointed they aren’t getting the same game but who would have been expecting that anyway. I’m just happy more point and click action is coming the way of the DS.