Updated / Brothers in Arms to open fire at the end of August

There’s been no shortage of first-person shooters on home consoles lately with titles like CoD4, Frontlines, and Haze taking up a lot of gaming hours. Given that, it should come as no surprise that the trend is likely to continue as long as the games sell reasonably well.

One game that shouldn’t have a very hard time scraping together some respectable sales figures is the upcoming Brothers in Arms title, Hell’s Highway. As far as FPSs go, Brothers In Arms has always had quite a loyal fanbase and those fans are probably pretty psyched to hear that the latest iteration of the series has finally received a firm release date of August 26th.  It had been previously reported that Hell’s Highway would see an August release, so it’s very reassuring to hear that they’ll be keeping to their original plans… just barely.

This date has come after months, even years, of delays.  The title was originally scheduled to come out in 2006 before it was pushed back a year into 2007… and then 2008.  But now, finally, it looks like we’ll get to kill some Nazis, because we all know we’ve never gotten to do such a thing in a videogame before.

All kidding aside, the game does look like it has shaped up well, and with over two years of delays that should be expected.  So keep your eyes out for Hell’s Highway when it arrives fashionably late for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this August.

Update: New ‘Destructible Cover’ screenshots and a trailer have been released, showing that things blow up real good in this game. Screens in the gallery, trailer below.

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