Guitar Hero world record broken

It’s taken three months, but Chris Chike’s record high score on a single song in Guitar Hero has been broken by Danny Johnson of Grapvine, Texas. Danny achieved the score at The Guitar Hero Challenge in Dallas, Texas on May 17, 2008 scoring 890,971 points on the song “Through the Fire and Flames”, beating the previous record of 880,920 points on the same song. And all without the use of the Hyperspeed mode.

After receiving the paperwork and evidence of Danny’s attempt, Guinness World Records has declared him the new world record holder for The Highest Score For A Single Track On Guitar Hero.

Danny better make the most of this because his victory may be short lived as there is already a video of the former record holder Chris Chike scoring 987,786 points on the “Through the Fire and Flames”. Guiness World Records are in contact with him to get this fully verified. But, until further evidence is supplied, the record is safely in Danny’s hands.