Square Enix showing off upcoming games in August

Square Enix will be holding an event this August to show off a number of their upcoming titles. The event takes place Tokyo and is strictly invitation only. Obviously the big draw here is the chance to get hands on quality Square Enix titles like Final Fantasy XIII, which will also make an appearance at E3 next month, but there are also some gems that haven’t been making news waves, namely PSP exclusive titles Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, both of which have been confirmed to be playable at the event.

Dissidia is a game that has been said to push the PSP way beyond what was established in Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, which is just impressive as a statement.  The title is a fighting game involving characters from the Final Fantasy universe (cha-ching!) and utilizes a brand new fighting engine that will allow players to do all the crazy acrobatic attacks that they fell in love with while watching FF: Advent Children.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is a new chapter in the series of which not too much is known at this point in terms of story and playable characters.  What has been said is that the game will resemble the PS2 versions of the series in terms of gameplay and graphics so this one will be one to keep an eye out for.

For those itching to give these games a try, know that there will be a way to score yourself an invite — Square is giving away 2400 of them via a sign up process that will become available on June 23 (and ends July 13). The lucky winners will be announced after those dates.