Updated / Call of Duty: World at War debut trailer

Well it’s here and it’s short and shows soldiers, explosions and WWII era weaponry. These are in fact three things I could have told you would be in this game without even seeing the trailer thus making the trailer somewhat of a moot point. This is how it works though; get a little bit of information trickled out to excite us and nothing more. I don’t know, I was expecting a bit more…

Wait, was that  flame thrower? Nevermind, forget everything I said previous to this. This trailer is awesome and I no longer have any doubts about the series going back to WWII and not staying in modern days. Flamethrowers, much like ninjas and nudity, make everything better. Actually I’m pretty intrigued to see their take on the Pacific front of the war since it isn’t tackled very often in gaming. What do you think? Sad that we don’t get to see anything more than a few brief clips of explosions and not much real gameplay or has the trailer sufficently wetted your apeptite for more WWII FPS?

Update: Added full length trailer (thanks RogueDOC).