The Team Fortress 2 blog launches

Well lookey here! The guys at Valve love to keep in touch with their community and to help them do that even better they have launched a new Team Fortress 2 blog, keeping gamers up to date with the all workings and innards of the game as they get into the swing of regularly updating and adding content to the game.

Robin Walker of the Blog said, “Our hope is that we’ll be providing you with a variety of interesting things to read, whether you’re a hardcore TF2 player or whether you’ve just started. We’ll be going into the details behind some of the gameplay, posting a bunch of the concept art we haven’t released before, and showcasing the great content the community is creating.”

This of course comes in the wake of the Pyro Pack which saw new weapons and achievements for the Pyro character. Valve has made a decent start to the blog with some concept art from the development of the Flaregun, which was included in the Pyro Pack.

Its nice to know you’re wanted and the fact that Valve show such an interest stands them in very good stead as far as developer/gamer relations are concerned.