Izuna 2 wants you to decide

Atlus, the creators of the orignial Izuna game, are at it again bringing us more sexy unemployed ninja action with Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja. Not content to simply rest on their laurels and let the word ‘ninja’ in the title sell the game, the company is offering up some swag to those who pre-order the game on Amazon. And even better, they’re letting you, the gamer, decide which swag you get. The game is already coming with reversible box art but when you pre-order from Amazon you can also receive a bonus mini-poster.

There are two options to choose from and both are jam packed full of ninja cleavage. All you need to do is head over to Atlus, choose which one you want and cast your vote. At the moment number one is in the lead but that doesn’t mean a vote for number two would be a wasted one. Do it quick too cause the contest ends on Monday. How dissapointed would you be if you wanted one poster and got the other when the game comes out on July 22? Pretty darn boobs. I mean breasticles. I mean dissapointed. Yea, dissapointed.