Will Wii Fit work? Week 4

I can now tell you that the gimmickry, for lack of a better word, of Wii Fit and the Balance Board wears off somewhere around week four. Yes, like a child with a new action figure an hour after opening the package, I have lost interest in the newness of Wii Fit. However, I haven’t lost interest in the nearly ten pounds it has caused me to lose. Before I was looking forward to using the game just for the sake of using the game now it has become a bit of a chore at times, much like any workout program one does and I’m simply using it to get more fit. Sure, Wii Fit motivates you to work out, but what’s to motivate you to use Wii Fit?

So once again the onus falls on the person to get in shape. Wii Fit isn’t a miracle worker it is just another method to track your fitness and teach you how to stay in shape. It will be interesting to see if I keep on using it as frequently as I do now after the experiment is over or if I simply transfer all my workouts over to the gym side of things and use the platform as a scale and possibly for some stretching. Don’t get me wrong here, I have Wii Fit to thank for actually getting my lazy ass of the couch and to the gym. I’m just questioning the longevity of the product, especially since I’m pretty sure Nintendo won’t be releasing any downloadable exercises for the game.

This all being said, I am still staying in shape and keeping track of that is being done wonderfully by Wii Fit. Last week Joe mentioned in the comments that you can do everything Wii Fit does for far less money and I have to agree, but different things trigger different people to get active. For me it was the fact that I was being told by something (a videogame, no less) to do it and that tool was easy to access and use. If I had to run down a cost/benefit analysis for the $90 spent on Wii Fit I’d say it was worth it for me since I’ve lost all this weight and even during a week where I was feeling especially unmotivated by the game I at least kept it off. Another thing to take into consideration when thinking of the cost of the game is that you’re getting another controller. The board isn’t actually part of Wii Fit, it’s like the steering wheel that comes with Mario Kart Wii. So you’re also getting a new controller that will hopefully be used in the future by other games for different purposes.

Anyway, despite being less than enthused to use Wii Fit this week I did pretty well at the gym and eating, and managed to keep my weight steady and around the same spot. Let’s hope next week I lose a good amount because the hardest part of this whole thing is going to be keeping my weight down while I’m at E3. Yea, I just realized I scheduled my deadline for the day after I get back from California. Real smart, Matt. Real smart. Also: love handles look really bad when you’ve started to lose weight elsewhere…