ESRB puts the hammer down on unannounced games

The ESRB website was the place to go to learn about the production of games that were yet to be announced to the public. This database houses all the games that are being rated for content, however, making the titles’ existence known unofficially tend to take the punch out of the official announcement the publishers usually give. In response to the dissatisfaction, the ESRB will be implementing new rules to control the information. A memo was leaked to Next-gen which states that publishers will be now able to pick a date in which their game will be uploaded onto the ESRB website.

The publishers also have to meet certain criteria before they can use the new system. For example, the dates they choose must relate to the overall marketing schedule of the game. They won’t be allowed to set a date with, “Just because” being the only reason for choosing it. At the same time, this system is not a new requirement for publishers — if they so choose not to set their own date, the game will be available to view thirty days after its been given a rating.