Fallen Earth reaches alpha milestone

It is always exciting when MMO’s that don’t feature big forests, snowy mountains and large rivers come around. One of these is Fallen Earth, a post-apocalyptic MMO set in year 2156 which has now reached an important alpha milestone in its development.

Fallen Earth has for the last six months gone through significant changes and improvements. As project manager Colin Dwan puts it, “Fallen Earth has great technology and tons of content, but we needed to put a stake in the ground about all the features that were absolutely necessary to ship with. Now that we’ve finalized that long list, we’ve been able to spend all of our time making those features really fun.”

The most changes were made on the graphical side of things. The game looked honestly quite bad early on, so that was likely among of the most important things to refine. The development team has improved textures, animations, and human models have been completely remade. Newly added creatures include giant genetically engineered super soldiers and vicious killer fungi, and many towns have been completely rebuilt to take advantage of new building models and ecosystem options such as volumetric fog.

The dev team has also created a variety of new vehicles such as muscle cars, motorcycles and ATVs. The vehicle combat system has been enhanced and that players will be able to fire with pistols from motorcycles or dual-mounted machine guns from four-wheeled vehicles.

As I said before, it’s always welcome to see an MMO in a new setting, and running around the Grand Canyon after 90% of the population has died out, killing huge carnivorous plants is quite appealing. To me at least. One thing though — why does the post-apocalyptic settings always bring out the punkrockers in people?