New PlayStation 3 TV spot

The new PlayStation 3 advert from Sony has seen it showing off a few of exclusive titles whilst also trying to install a little ironic camaraderie in gamers with it’s ‘band of brothers theme’. I’m guessing this advert is meant to be light-hearted and humorous, though that is meeting it more than half way. The overblown, comedic English accent and Shakespeare quotation probably represents Sony’s attempt at a young, male, frat-boy mentality with just enough intelligence to understand the irony of the quote, which is a fairly good move as that is territory that Microsoft has been staking out since day one.

However, this ad does mark a step away from the more art-house orientated style that the PlayStation brand has stuck with pretty much since launch. The risk they run here is alienating “mature” gamers who may have come to appreciate the clever and ambiguous style that has to date characterised their campaign.

Oh, just one more thing: Sony better make the most of all this exclusive flaunting whilst they can. All that constant Sony/Microsoft bickering makes any talk of exclusivity wear thinner than nylon tights on a belt sander.

(If you got the Colombo reference then +10 points to you.)