So this is what they meant by vertical action

In our interview with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows’ senior executive producer Graham Fuchs, he mentioned that they would be taking the fighting system to entirely new level allowing for what he referred to as 3D fighting. I took this to mean that you might be fighting some bad guys on the sides of buildings or possibly a boss or two that actually fought with you while you were swinging. I can now tell from this trailer that I entirely underestimated what the guys at Shaba Games were doing.

Check out that mid-air combat, it looks absolutley comborific. I totally agree witht them that the fighting and the swinging in previous spidey games felt like two seperate aspects and that blending them together would make for a much better game. And now here it is — swinging, fighting and Spider-Man all in one big clump. This definitely gets me excited again for the game, and the fact that you can switch between black suit and regular Spidey on the fly sounds like some fantastic gaming fun (even if it is completley inappropriate in terms of how the black suit actually works in the comics). Swinging through New York was simply a blast in the first Spidey games and now that you can actually swing and fight at the same time, it should be even more fun.

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