Atlus unearths Master of the Monster Lair for the DS

The DS is getting another dungeon crawler. This one is coming from Atlus, the designers of Odin Sphere and the Trauma Center series. Master of the Monster Lair may not let you become a Pokemon (big loss there), but it does add something new to the formula — you get to design the dungeons.

The game puts players in the shoes of a young boy in the quiet town of South Arc. However, after monsters that infest the forest begin attacking towns, South Arc starts losing its appeal. While off in search of your calling, you stumble across a talking shovel that gives you the task of digging a trap for the monsters, and makes you the master of your own dungeon in the process.

With your shiny new shovel you must dig dungeons and then hunt down the monsters that come live in them. Different types of monsters will only occupy certain rooms, so you’ll have to fill your lair with over 20 different types of rooms including chapels, cellars, stables, trash dumps, and more.

Master of the Monster Lair also allows you to share your dungeons with friends. You can trade your designs over local wireless but unfortunately it doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to share these dungeons online.

The video above looks pretty promising, so if you love dungeon crawlers, get ready to dig this one up on September 2.