Discover Atlantica MMO style

It doesn’t seem like any MMO can stand to the mighty WoW, so many developers have been searching for more niche audiences looking for something different. And this is exactly what developer and publisher NDOORS is doing with Atlantica Online.

Atlantica offers players something new by combining turn-based combat, RPG elements and city/county management. Players will control up to 27 characters in combat, in teams of three, and in addition to the main characters, the player can also hire up to eight mercenaries to fight in their name.

The city/country management system that NDOORS has been working on adds a new level of strategy for an MMO — guilds can establish control of a city and will have to manage every detail within it ranging from culture and commerce to industry and the placement of buildings. Guilds can even team up together and conquer entire countries, allowing them to control more and more areas and get rare items and mercenaries.

Peter Kang, CEO of NDOORS Interactive, “Atlantica was designed to bring the gameplay that RPG and strategy fans love the most to the MMO world. Atlantica takes smarts, requiring planning and strategy at every step.”

A closed beta for the game is launching next month. To try your luck, sign up at