New Bad Company ads make you laugh

Battlefield: Bad Company is the latest first-person shooter from DICE, a company that until now has focused on the intense action derived from equipping players with everything from grenades, AK-74’s, tanks, to the uber-cool tank buster A-10 Warthog and then having them fight to the death on the fierce online battlefield. With this latest game in the series they are playing with the formula a bit. While Bad Company will still feature intense online action, DICE has decided to add a compelling single player experience to the mix.

To help promote this new addition to the series, EA and DICE have come up with some pretty hilarious marketing videos poking fun at some of your favorite games. The first (above) makes the use of a barrel as a hiding spot look a bit…silly, something players of Metal Gear Solid 4 may have found themselves doing from time to time. The other two videos (below) poke fun at the song “Mad World” made known to gamers in an ad for Gears of War, and Rainbow 6 Vegas as the members of B-Company try to figure out if Sarge is being tactical, or just playing a quick game of charades.

These ads really bring the characters to life and highlight the attention and care DICE has put into the crafting of the characters and story. Check them out and let us know which your favorite is.

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