Rockstar rolls out another GTA 4 patch

Its been almost two months after the record breaking release of GTA 4 and a lot of people are still clawing their way through the main campaign, only stopping to pick up their in-game cell phone and jump into a multiplayer match. For the most part, the online experience has been seamless. There are a few hiccups and annoyances every now and then including occasional freezing, and those horrible waiting times in the lobby. Although this doesn’t break the game at all, Rockstar has still managed to create a patch that addresses a number of these issues.

This patch covers the main issues that pop up on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. One PS3 improvement includes a fix to the online leaderboards making them update more frequently – thus making it more reliable. Those who were getting a large sum of money from the Cops N’ Crooks mode will now notice their funds are cut tremendously. Even the people who come in last in the GTA Races will now get $250 just for the effort. My personal favorite fix is how the countdown clock does not reset anymore whenever someone new enters the lobby. It was bad enough waiting 60 seconds for someone to confirm they were ready.

The full list of fixes included in this patch is available at the Rockstar Games Social Club website.