Aerosmith seem excited about their game appearance

I have to admit that the old rockers of Aerosmith seem to just have found out about the Guitar Hero phenomenon, based on their euphoria in this video.  It’s fun seeing Joe Perry running around in his motion capture suit, but somehow it feels sort of creepy and to me, being the Aerosmith fan I am. Shame on me for being old-fashioned.

They do seem to be having a blast. It looks like shredders out there will lay their hands on a beautifully produced game when it’s released in a few days. Guitar Hero is already a winning concept, but by the looks of it, this is going to be something extra. Steven Tyler says, “When they showed me that they did, compared to what they had in the past, I was very very very surprised”. Joe Perry also gives the impression that this game is way more than we’ve hoped for, “We make it close enough to the other one, so that people will know what to expect, but also making it different enough so that [they] felt like they were getting something new.”

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith needs to be something out of the ordinary to make it. Today’s young gamers probably aren’t exceedingly familiar with all their songs, but I’m confident that developer Neversoft still has got an ace or two up their sleeve. Hopefully, Steven Tyler’s Three Mile Smile will also appear on those playing the game.

By the way, does anyone else remember IBM’s Quest For Fame? It’s a game released in 1995 where you use a “V-Pick” that you plug into your PC’s parallel port and strum it against a tennis racket (or something similar) to simulate Aerosmith songs. I recall that being the hardest game I’ve ever played, can anyone confirm if it indeed was impossible or if I just sucked big time?