Crave leaves ESA, 23 members left

As we come closer to this year’s E3, more information regarding the possible games and announcements that we can expect are gradually revealed to us. On the other side of the fence, we’ve gotten report after report of companies who have refused to renew their membership with the ESA. GamePolitics now reports that the newest group to say farewell is Crave Entertainment, who are known for such games such as the Jade Cocoon series and the World Championship Poker franchise.

The member page on the ESA website still shows Crave as being apart of the group of 23 members and they are still expected to show up at E3 next month, but chances are this is the last time they’ll be a part of the expo. This departure makes Crave the fifth company to leave the ESA this year, along with Activision and Vivendi, id Software, and LucasArts. Crave is no doubt the smallest publisher to jump ship, but their departure speaks volumes of the potentially lethal situation the ESA is in.

Our favorite ESA communications and research guy Rich Taylor has released the following statement. “We can confirm that Crave has decided not to renew its membership in the ESA. We value each member of our association, but respect their decision. In conversations with Crave, representatives stated that they value their longstanding membership with the ESA and remain committed to the values and goals of the association.”

Crave Entertainment has not issued a statement of their own but they’ll probably state the conditions of their decision in the most harmless way possible.