E for All dates/pricing announced, Microsoft confirmed

I wasn’t there at last year’s innagural E for All event but from what I garnered it wasn’t quite all it could be. With only one of the big three showing up in the form of Nintendo, the ESA sponsored festival was a great place to game with other gamers but not the best place to get your hands on the latest and greatest games. Still, it was the event’s first year and it seemed like for everything they got wrong they also did a lot of things right. Thus this year’s E for All should be even better, especially now that Microsoft is confirmed as a participant meaning that Nintendo won’t dominate the entire show room floor like it did last year (which for some fanboys is probably bad news).

Today pricing and dates went live for the event, setting the LA festival’s days as Oct. 3-5 and ticket prices at $35 for a single day and $75 for the entire weekend. If you order early you can get the single day for $30 and the entire weekend for $60 (the savings are incredible!). They seem to have a pretty impressive line-up this year with a few gaming comptitions going on and plenty of stuff for the average gamer to have fun with. Of course most people have already planned their gaming convention related trips around PAX, but going to two conventions is better than one. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of you readers there.