Kratos to make an appearence at E3

The industry has had more slip ups this month than (insert joke here). We recently saw a massive list of potential titles and ideas from Microsoft and Activision leaked thanks to Intellisponse. Sony reps can’t seem to keep things quiet either. At the GDC Paris event, one Sony representative let slip the presence of God of War 3 at this years E3. There aren’t any details other than the showing of the title.

God of War 3 isn’t expected to ship until sometime next year. That’s probably a good thing because SCEA does have a full plate of titles to deliver just in time for the 2008 holiday season. If in fact GoW 3 is at E3, it’ll probably be a trailer featuring a lot of cuts and Kratos screaming at someone.

There’s really not a lot about the game we know about. Cory Barlog stated the game will run in full 1080p HD when it’s done. The basic premise is still a blur. It may deal with Kratos trying to kill Zeus again with the aid of the Titans. We were told a long time ago that the conclusion of the series will answer the question as to why there are no more Greek myths. We’ll have more on this once E3 gets underway next month.