Left 4 Dead dated, everyone excited… or dead

Upcoming cooperative zombie apocalypse survival sim (new genre please?) Left 4 Dead will have gamers screaming in delight come November 4.  This date comes after a long, long wait since the game’s initial unveiling during the Holiday season way back in 2006.  They long wait looks like it might just have been worth it though, as there hasn’t really ever been a game like this.

The shooter, which will ship for the Xbox 360 and PC, features 4-player co-op and will finally allow players to control zombie hoards. Left 4 Dead will also feature a robust AI – think a lot of algorithms and “sequencing,” stuff like that – that will ebb and flow with the action of the game.  You’ll get to play as infected humans, and also as those attempting to escape from them.  There seems to be an endless number of possibilities and it’s extremely intriguing to think of how many gameplay elements can arise when the normally brainless zombies will actually be controlled by living, breathing people.

Left 4 Dead is almost guaranteed to spawn a vibrant online community, which will hopefully lead to additional game modes coming straight from the fans themselves, or at least we can hope.  Footage of the game already looks amazing so get ready for some zombie action that would make Romero smile (or sue).