The strategic art of dismemberment

Ah the art of killing monsters, something I think as a whole gamers have gotten pretty good at. While each monster may have its own quirk, the basic strategy of either filling them full of lead (or lasers, fire, rockets, gum drops) or blasting them in the head pretty much has a universal effect of putting them down for good. Dead Space, the new survival horror game with a sci-fi twist from EA has decided to change the game plan up a bit though.

In Resident Evil, if you shot a zombie in the head it was nighty night. In Halo, if you put enough rounds into the flood they would pester you no more. In Dead Space, doing those things will only piss the creatures off. If you want to put a creature down for good then simply taking out its legs or for that matter even its head will not get the job done.

According to the video above, to be victorious in Dead Space you’ll have to learn the art of strategic dismemberment. Meaning you will be required to rip the creatures from limb to limb, and even when they’re a wiggling quadriplegic, you will still need to stomp their brains out. If you want to make a scary game even scarier, make the creatures in it bloody hard to kill.

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