Why build entire alien races when you can build a luxury hotel with Hotel Giant 2?

With Spore coming out later this year, is it really a good time for someone to launch a new sim style game? The powers behind Nobilis seem to think so, reviving their successful Hotel Giant series after 6 long years.

Hotel Giant came out for PC in 2002 and stayed on the top 10 sales lists in several countries like France, Spain and the UK by selling more than 1 million units worldwide. The game did get fair reviews, but most said that the game was really only for people that specifically enjoyed this kind of sim. To other gamers like Mark H. Walker (no relation) of GameSpy, the tediousness made the game “too much like work.”

Hotel Giant 2 is set to improve nearly every level of gameplay and “offers a great deal of new content and features. It is a sequel that is well worth waiting for,” declares Trevor Chan – CEO of Enlight Software. Players will be able to design and manage every aspect of their hotels and then sit back and watch the guests. You can see what the guests like or don’t like, then rework your hotel to make it the most successful around.

Nobilis is also making an adaptation for the Nintendo DS, so sim tycoons can enjoy their empire on the go. Both the PC and DS games are set to release Q4 2008 and the first worldwide preview will be at IDEF 2008.

Hotel Giant could take the stance that Nintendo took with Sony and Microsoft — the “we’re not competing with them” route. Honestly, there are players out there that would rather play Hotel Giant 2 and be Donald Trump than, say, God or at least Spielberg, and design amazing alien species. Right?