Xbox 360 laptops up for sale

We all remember the original Xbox360 Laptop (along with its PS3 and Wii counterparts). Well now you can bag one of your very own, and if you dont mind shipping away your own console to be pulled apart and reassembled in portable form then you can do all that for the tidy sum of $550.00. The portable consoles come fully equipped with a 15″ moniter, case and all in the colour of the buyers choice. Plus, for a small extra fee the laptop can also be equipped with a small keyboard.

The company offering to do this to your 360, Portable Gaming Solutions, is a tiny one man outfit based out of Kansas. Trading from his website (which has the most annoying swooshing sound imaginable) Tyler Elbert hopes to have carry-me versions of all the current consoles.

If you dont fancy sending your own darling 360 off in the mail to be played with by the Dr. Frankenstein of mobile gaming then you can buy an entirely new one from him for $450.00. Apparently the orders are stacking up high so if you dont mind letting go of your current console (or shelling out a grand for a new one) then get ordering!