Crack safes or your mind with Safecracker for Wii

Ever wanted to be a professional safecracker? Well, Safecracker for the Wii may not be an educational tool, but it will certainly offer some great puzzles to challenge your sanity this fall. Players take the role of an expert safecracker hired by a rich family to find the late Duncan W. Adams’ will. Mr. Adams was eccentric and had an affinity for safes specifically. Before he died he hid the will and the clues to finding it in his 35 safes scattered throughout his home. Players will explore the lavish mansion to find clues, puzzles and safes that lead you toward the will.

Byron Gaum, Global Product Marketing Manager at The Adventure Company said, “With its non-violent, family-oriented gameplay, the whole family can work together to solve challenging puzzles, all while enjoying the scenery of 40 lavish rooms in a luxurious mansion.”

The PC game got moderate reviews. Most said that the puzzles were difficult and compelling, but the game suffered from a wisp of a story, lack of exploration outside of the mansion and a continuous looping soundtrack. We can hope the port takes some of this into consideration. However, the challenging puzzles themselves should make the game worthwhile, offering several different types like Sudoku, lasers and Polybius-style puzzles.

Developed by Kheops Studios and produced by DreamCatcher Games and JoWooD Productions, Safecracker is actually a port of the 2006 Windows Puzzle Game of the Year.