Japan only: New WiiWare feature lets you read comic books

Wow, Japanese players sure are lucky! Not only do they get scores of awesome games (I’m looking at you Macross series) that never make it outside of the country officially, but now they also get a neat little feature to add to their Wii’s (no pun intended). Sun Denshi has sent word that it is introducing an application that they created which will allow consumers to download comics to their Wii via the channel interface.  The company is going to start by releasing an original manga by Reiji Matsumoto, the guy responsible for Space Battleship Yamato aka Starblazers. The company isn’t just stopping there with that feature, Sun Deshi hopes to expand the service to include anime, books, and pachinko eventually.

Now that sure sounds nifty. I mean anime and manga on your Wii?! Sign me up, hopefully by then Wii owners will have an option for increased storage space.  I don’t know about you, but between the Nintendo Channel and Samurai Showdown my space is strapped! Now all you have to do is cross your fingers and  hope this gets released in other areas outside of Japan.