PS3 Video Store confirmed, to be released this summer

Kazuo Hirai, the guy who heads up the videogame arm of Sony, has confirmed that the PS3 will be getting a video/movie download service this summer. So far the release is only for the U.S. but good ol’ Kaz says that they’ll be releasing it in Japan and Europe at a later date which will be announced some time next month along with more details of the full release. Hirai says that this is just one way they are strengthening the PSN in hopes to make the PS3 profitable at some point. “Please expect more from our evolving PlayStation business,” Hirai said.

I’m glad this is coming. The PS3’s network needs more features like this and with the backing of almost every major studio out there you know there are going to be some great movies on the system. Though, we have to ask ourselves, if the downloadable movie line-up gets big enough does that nullify the excuse to buy a PS3 as a Blu-ray player and put more demand on having great games for the system? I hope so because for me, the black box is really just getting out of its slump and I want to see it do so much more. Also, why would you put RE: Extinction and Benchwarmers in your screenshot? There has got to be something better.