Spore Galactic Edition sounds sporetacular

Yeah, I know, the topic is a bit far-fetched, but I still applaud my creativity! Maxis has announced the limited Spore Galactic Edition, which certainly will please all devoted Spore fans out there. The special edition will contain a “Making of Spore” DVD, “The Art of Spore” hardback mini-book, a fold-out Spore poster, and a premium 100-page Galactic Handbook. It will also feature a DVD documentary from the National Geographic Channel called “How to Build a Better Being”.

According to Patrick Buechner, vice president of marketing for Maxis, the Galactic Edition will be something unique, “The Spore Galactic Edition is the ultimate backstage pass for the Spore universe. The Spore Galactic Edition is an incredible collection of art, video and behind-the-scenes access to the development team for fans, along with some of the coolest, most collectible packaging in years.”

We all know special collectors editions are serious business these days. The amount of people wanting more than just a DVD case is growing constantly, so why not take it to the next step? How about getting a real golf club if you buy a special edition of the Tiger Woods series? Why not a gasoline driven go kart for the next Mario kart game or why not a working Zealot psionic blade for Blizzard’s StarCraft 2? Of course the price would have to go up, but talk about a slice of gaming history if you came cruising down the street in this!

But, for now, gamers will have to settle with this. Spore, along with the Galactic Edition will be available on PC, Mac and Nintendo DS on September 5th.

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