Konami turns Castlevania Judgement for Wii into a 3D fighter

Go ahead, re-read the title again and again. I’m not making this up. According to the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Konami’s Castlevania: Judgement for Wii will be a three dimensional fighter in the same vein as Namco’s Soul Calibur. So far from what is known you’ll be able to play as Dracula, Simon B., Alucard, Shanoa and Maria Renard. All the classic sub weapons will show up (holy water, dagger, boomerang, axes) and they will still be dependent on how many hearts you have. The music will be remixed tunes from other Castlevania games, and amidst all the fighting and mayhem players will be able to set traps, destroy environments, as well as contend with enemies trying to smack you up.

Wondering how all this will control? I have an answer for you. You’ll use the Nunchuk to move your character and the Wii remote will handle attacks. I don’t know; I’m not going to write this off as Soul Calibur Legends terrible since Konami has done okay by me with fighting based games. I mean TMNT: Tournament Fighters for SNES was a classic. So I’m willing to give this one a chance.