Microsoft set to unveil some ‘fantastic surprises’ at E3, says Gosen

E3 2008 is almost upon us and hordes of gamers and fanboys are ramping up their excitement at what to anticipate from the fallout of announcements that will be coming out of the woodwork in the upcoming weeks. As many sites, magazines, and bloggers are testing out their crystal ball’s prediction skills, some companies are dropping hints as to what to expect from them at the conference. Case in point, Microsoft’s European VP of strategic marketing for interactive entertainment (whew!) David Gosen recently let us know that Microsoft will unveil some “fantastic surprises” this year at E3.

Gosen says, “We’re always working on new things, and you’ll continue to hear lots from us that we believe will be game-changing.”

No clue what that could be. Added functions for your 360? Halo 4: Master Cheif Lost in Space? Who knows. If you want to hear more about what he has to say you’ll have to pick up a printed copy of MCV. Until then, just use your imagination.