Roo-mer: My GamerPad to steal HOME’s thunder?

You’d be pretty wise to take this “news” with an entire brick of salt, but with new information leaking from every corner of the industry, you can never rule anything out as being “too crazy”.

Originally showing up over on the 4chan picture boards, a user has posted images of what they claim is a new program/game for the Xbox 360 known as My GamerPad.  Not much is known other than the info that someone could deduce from the screenshots, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.  It appears to be one of the “Avatar” characters that we heard about earlier this month, in a virtual world of its own.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is more than a little like Sony’s oft-delayed HOME.  While it’s certainly still a rumor at this point, it would seem likely that Microsoft would have plans on where to use these “Avatars”, but to be fair, not a single thing, not even the “Avatars” themselves, have been confirmed or even hinted at by Microsoft.

I’ve got to say, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see if something similar to this pans out to be true.  With the ridiculously long development time that HOME has undergone, it is certainly plausible that Microsoft saw a window through which to take out one of the PS3’s future bullet points. But is My GamerPad it? Looking at the character detail in this image, I’m going to have to say it’s doubtful at best.