Sony announces new headset to be bundled with SOCOM: Confrontation

Sony, in a move that appears to emphasize the social aspects of their system, has once again decided to release a headset bundled with a PS3 game. Previously, to take advantage of the voice chat option you would either have to own your own Bluetooth headset, or have purchased the now discontinued Warhawk/headset bundle.

The game Sony has chosen to bundle the headset with is SOCOM: Confrontation, the latest and first current-gen installment of the long-running tactical shooter franchise. The prices for the bundle and standalone version have not been released yet, although the bundle is rumored to retail at around $80 and will hit store shelves September 16.

This headset (more pics in our SOCOM: Confrontation gallery) will be the first to display the PlayStation brand, and while the design is not final, compared to its brethren that were bundled with Warhawk appears to be quite well designed. This is a big move for Sony being that many PS3 owners still are not using headsets to communicate, and third party headsets, including the recently released MGS headset, while very cool looking, have very poor sound quality.

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