The Beatles to break into videogames?

The word on the street is that representatives of classic English band The Beatles are in talks with both Activision and MTV (responsible for Guitar Hero and Rock Band respectively) hoping to bring about a deal which could see wider licensing of the music legends’ songs, the Financial Times is reporting.

Both EMI (who holds the rights to The Beatles’ master recordings) and Apple Corps (the company responsible for the band’s business interests) have refused to comment. Despite the fact that money can’t buy you love, any deal that did come together would be worth several million dollars (is that trying too hard?).

Apple Corps, which is chaired by the surviving members and close relatives of the band have been very slow to license their music and have yet to do so digitally at all. While being cautious of what happens to their music commercially is a smart move, considering how sacred it is to many people, choosing to let it be entirely would be a huge missed opportunity for them. Paul Mccartney recently himself did promotional work for his new album with iTunes, so the idea of it isn’t totally alien to him at least.

“To my view, it’s only a matter of time before we see Beatles songs that are the original recordings in motion pictures, in television work, and yes, maybe even one day in a commercial,” said chief executive of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Martin Bandier, which holds the rights to over 200 Beatles songs.

If either Guitar Hero or Rock Band got this deal exclusively then it would be a huge boon in the ongoing battle between the two. As the average gamer age gets gradually older, less and less of them are going to be interested in “Through the Fire and Flames” as they are with “Yellow Submarine”, any deal would be a major hook in the mouth of that older generation of gamer for music sims.