Games you should still be playing / Halo edition…yes the first one

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I can hear you all yelling at your computer monitors right now, “You’re living in the past!”. Well, while that may be true in some aspects (I still pretend that Futurama and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 were never cancelled), I can safely say that it is not the case when it comes to videogames.

The original Halo title could arguably be the only reason we have the Xbox 360 today. Halo made FPS titles a viable option for consoles and showed everyone that you can have fun in a shooter without using a mouse and a keyboard. It also put the original Xbox onto the wish lists of gamers everywhere, and without the moderate success that the Xbox was it’s possible we’d have never seen the lovely, overheating darling we know as the 360. All that aside, it’s a pretty damn good game, and one you should probably play again or for the first time if you never got the chance.

The game, as if you didn’t already know, follows the adventures of Master Chief as he attempts to save the human race from certain doom via a holy war being waged by the Covenant, a particularly nasty group of badass aliens. That may sound cool, but I’d honestly advise you not to get too personally invested in the storyline as it will just lead to heartbreak further down the road. Master Chief is good, the aliens are bad… kinda.

I say “kinda” because while the Covenant are indeed a problem, about ¾ of the way through the game you’re going to face an even bigger one. I’m speaking of course of The Flood. The Flood are an endless, um, flood of disgusting bug-like creatures and infected warriors that operate much like locusts. They just go from planet to planet trying to absorb and kill any kind of resource at their immediate disposal. The Covenant turn out to be responsible for the release of The Flood, but we won’t hold that against them…

In all honesty, there’s no reason why anyone who’s reading this shouldn’t have already played this groundbreaking title. However, many of you haven’t, as is apparent by the fact that the original Halo sold roughly 2 million less than the record-shattering Halo 3. That’s 2 million people who probably never got to see how the series started, but have already seen its ending. This might seem like a major spoiler and negate the reason for anyone to go back and play the first title, but that would be an incorrect assumption. The gameplay, graphics, and legacy are more than enough reason to go back and enjoy this one over and over again.

  • The Game: Halo
  • System: Xbox, PC
  • Release Date: Nov. 15, 2001
  • Rarity: Xbox: Common, PC: Common
  • Average Price: Xbox: $10, PC: $5